Hi, I'm Will

Software engineer, problem-solver, creator



I'm passionate about making ideas come to life on the web. While working as a software consultant, I learned firsthand the power of code and how it can be used to improve the lives of millions. I dabbled with JavaScript in my spare time and I was hooked, jumpstarting me on a life-changing journey to code professionally. Now, I am a software engineer at SIOS Technology Corp., where I work on high availability and disaster recovery solutions for cloud systems.




Gridlock is a 2-player strategy game that a friend showed me on a whiteboard, and I thought it would be fun to create a digital version. The goal is to connect 4 numbers in a row, using a factor of the number from your opponent's previous turn. I designed the app to fit any size screen, built it using React, and deployed it to Netlify.

Do you like a challenge? I am most proud of the "Computer - Hard" mode in Settings. It is an AI that I created to play against you, which was inspired by chess engines. It uses a minimax algorithm, alpha-beta pruning, and an evaluation function. See if you can beat it!


When I moved to Greenville, SC, I was working remotely and found it tough to meet new people. I was inspired to create a solution to connect people based on their unique interests. With OpenSeat, you can create events to do any activity you'd like with a small group. You can also search for and sign up for events that others have posted. It is a full stack app that I built with React, Django, Google and Twilio APIs, and deployed to Heroku. This was my final project at Carolina Code School, and I've included a video demo of the app below.

3D Dice Roll

With this app, you can roll two six-sided dice and watch them bounce around. I used SvelteKit, Three.js, Threlte, the Rapier Physics Engine, and deployed it to Netlify.


I love software development because there is always more to learn, and I can share what I've learned to help others. I write articles about tech I am working with, personal projects, problems I have solved, and life as a developer. Check it out!


Want to chat? Feel free to reach out!

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