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I'm passionate about making ideas come to life on the web. While working as a consultant, I learned firsthand the power of code and how it can be used to improve the lives of millions. I dabbled with JavaScript in my spare time and I was hooked, jumpstarting me on a life-changing journey to code professionally. Now, I am a software engineer at SIOS Technology Corp., where I work on high availability and disaster recovery solutions for cloud systems.

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My wife and I used to create brackets by hand for the last 16 players of the four major tennis tournaments. We had so much fun I made it into a web app, like March Madness. Sign up, add your predictions during a major tournament, and you'll be awarded points by round for correct choices. You can compare scores with your friends along the way. The frontend is built with SvelteKit hosted on Netlify, and the backend is Pocketbase hosted on a Digital Ocean Linux Droplet.

Racquet Rivals


When I moved to Greenville, SC, I was working remotely and found it tough to meet new people. I was inspired to create a solution to connect people based on their unique interests. With OpenSeat, you can create events to do any activity you'd like with a small group. You can also search for and sign up for events that others have posted. It is a full stack app that I built with React, Django, Google and Twilio APIs, and deployed to Heroku. This was my final project at Carolina Code School, and I've included a video demo of the app below.


Gridlock is a 2-player strategy game that a friend showed me on a whiteboard, and I thought it would be fun to create a digital version. The goal is to connect 4 numbers in a row, using a factor of the number from your opponent's previous turn. I designed the app to fit any size screen, built it using React, and deployed it to Netlify.

Do you like a challenge? I am most proud of the "Computer - Hard" mode in Settings. It is an AI that I created to play against you, which was inspired by chess engines. It uses a minimax algorithm, alpha-beta pruning, and an evaluation function. See if you can beat it!

3D Dice Roll

With this app, you can roll two six-sided dice and watch them bounce around. I used SvelteKit, Three.js, Threlte, the Rapier Physics Engine, and deployed it to Netlify.


I love software development because there is always more to learn, and I can share what I've learned to help others. I write articles about tech I am working with, personal projects, problems I have solved, and life as a developer. Check it out!


Want to chat? Feel free to reach out!

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